Love of my Livetime

das hier hab Ich vor 3 oder 4 Jahren schon geschrieben, für niemanden spezielles, aber auch in recht, hm, melancholischer Stimmung…

love of my lifetime, where are you?
love of my lifetime, i miss you
love of my lifetime, i need you
love of my lifetime, i search for you

but where to start?
the only thing to guide me, is that sting in my heart!

shall i ride the four winds to search the skies,
from the hot deserts to the polar ice?
shall i climb the highest mountains reaches,
and dive into the deepest jungle lake,
to find you, my love, to fill the breaches,
which cause my heart to ache,
or shall i roam the seven seas at last,
from the atlantic ocean to the pacific vast?

love of my lifetime, where must i go to find you?
shall i travel to the lunar craters,
or even up to mars?
for your love is all i lack,
i will even go to hell and back,
if i can find you there!

but wait a minute,
i am already there,
cause without you,
my love,
theres hell everywhere…

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